Boost Productivity and Save Time with Custom At-Home & Lab-Based Test Kits in Orlando

Forget the stress of procurement, packing, shipping, and tracking tests and specimens. Optimize your workflow and leave the time-consuming tasks to us. With over 100 years of industry expertise, the BioSafe Solutions team is equipped to fulfill orders, manage inventory and 3PL requirements, and create custom lab kits tailored to your specific needs.

What Are Custom Lab Kits?

Custom lab kits are prepared specifically for your company, with the exact supplies you need for your screening or diagnostic efforts. They can be a s simple or complex as you’d like, with options ranging from a few supplies in a biobag with a bubble mailer to a custom branded box with a sleeve, branded instructions, supplies, barcodes, and more.

How Do Custom Kits Help Optimize Time and Productivity?

Time is money — and so is productivity. Using custom kits improves productivity and reduces waste in the following ways:

1. Saves Time: Procurement and supply sourcing becomes a thing of the past. You can stop searching for and purchasing products separately for kits and instead take advantage of our incredible supply partnerships.

2. Increases Efficiency: You receive everything you need in a single order, allowing you to start working immediately. You also utilize your workforce more efficiently, allowing staff to focus on the core competencies of their role.

3. Minimizes Errors: With everything pre-selected and organized in the kit, the risk of errors during your tasks is reduced.

4. Improves Work Quality: You can focus on what really matters, researching and obtaining results, without worrying about the logistics of supplies.

And the best part?

5. Centralizes Fulfillment and Logistics: We are located in Orlando and can not only store your kits and supplies to save space, but we can also deliver them directly to you or your patients or customers when needed.

Want to know more?

Contact us at BioSafe Solutions for more tips on finding the right kit, branded kit designs, and more.

Streamline your workflow and take control of your testing options. Your lab will thank you!

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