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MARCH 21, 2024

BioSafe Announces A rebrand launch on April 2ND.

 BioSafe Supplies adds BioSafe Solutions as a DBA and moves to a modern, service-focused brand.

Labs, healthcare facilities, and other businesses can minimize monthly COGS and increase efficiency with BioSafe’s cost-reducing services.

  • Orlando, FL, March 21, 2024– BioSafe Supplies plans to announce their official rebrand and addition of the DBA BioSafe Solutions, effective April 2nd. The company is moving its focus away from supply sales and instead aims to be a solutions provider for fulfillment, logistics, and custom kitting services.
  • BioSafe Supplies DBA BioSafe Solutions is a fulfillment and custom kit manufacturing company based in Orlando, FL. Originally established as BioSafe International in 1999, the company has grown from 2 employees to over 20 in their 13,500 sq. ft. facility.

“We are excited to announce our rebranding of Biosafe Supplies to Biosafe Solutions in an effort to emphasize and clearly demonstrate our company’s evolution from a simple regulatory kitting company in 1999, to adding mainstream laboratory supplies in 2013, and now in 2024 as a premier kitting, fulfillment and logistics company primarily serving diagnostic laboratories and related industries.  Our team is the most talented, reliable, and customer-centric group I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thank you to our loyal customers. Please celebrate with us our 25th anniversary and our new brand!” – Ron Hankins

BioSafe has been helping customers for over 25 years. While the commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, the new brand messaging places greater value on the company’s experience in the lab industry as well as their well-rounded fulfillment and logistics services for businesses of all sizes.

Founded by Ron Hankins in 1999, BioSafe Supplies DBA BioSafe Solutions is a family-owned fulfillment, logistics, and custom test kit manufacturing company serving clients nationwide. Headquartered in Orlando, FL, BioSafe Solutions provides innovative business solutions for industries including healthcare, laboratory services, automotive, and beauty industries to name a few. BioSafe also carries medical, and lab supplies to support kit manufacturing and ongoing customer needs. Our current website is After the launch on April 2nd, visit our brand new website,, for more information.

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